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How Does Google’s Search Engine Algorithm Works

Whenever you search for something, the most common search engine that you use is Google, but did it not ever occur to you as to how such intellectual search result comes around?

That is absolutely made possible by Google through their search and ranking algorithm, that no matter which information you need all over the world a result is there. That is absolutely interesting how this company is able to pull it off concisely, so try to look into the fundamentals of Google search engine algorithm so you will understand.

You can easily get the idea of how it works by looking into how Google finds you, how it decides web page ranking, and how Google ranking algorithm evolved.

When you create a website, Google has these so-called armies which are the crawlers that check and looks into your website and the indexers that decide which place in the index will your website be placed according to it qualifications. When someone does a search, the listing in the index will show one after another, and it is quite a lot but Google uses then here the search engine ranking to show the most useful and best ones on the top of the list.

Since each website is ranked and when this website tops the search it indicates that it has already received a good number of traffic, especially the one that appears the very first and it is important that you be seen at least in the first page of the search result. Google continues to apply ranking algorithm with the use of various methods every now and then to rank a page, as there are also a continuous flow of new websites all striving to be in the higher ranking on search engines, and to also keep up with the new ways that people do their methods of searching.

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Though it has been known that some of what Google uses in ranking websites includes the use of keywords, domain authority, search history, location and many more, yet all the same Google keeps it algorithm process a mystery to prevent websites from cheating the system and not create something that will match that algorithm. It is then advised that any website must at least learn the search engine strategies, create a sitemap, use webmaster tools, and create quality content in order to get to the good side of Google.

There are a lot of ways to understand search engines and most of all Google, and with its mission to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”, Google continues to find better and smarter ways to make this work.